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  1. Taylor Toussaint added a comment on We made DistilledU - the search marketing university - and the new DistilledU Badges. Ask Us Anything!
    It's been a while since I checked out DistilledU, it looks like you guys have really expanded on the curriculum. Cheers to you for provided a valuable resource. What I don't see is a "Reporting" modul…
  2. Taylor Toussaint added a comment on I am Will Critchlow, co-founder of Distilled, Ask Me Anything
    Hi Will, What was the process and motivation for deciding the free day of Distilled U? Was it an effort to show the community a deeper look in the the content? Were you just at a pub and decided to go…
  3. Taylor Toussaint added a comment on I'm Mike King, Director of Inbound Marketing at iAcquire, Developer, Rapper, Artiste. Ask Me Anything
    Hey Mike, Who do you think is the Don Draper of Digital Marketing?
  4. Taylor Toussaint added a comment on How SEO Pros Manage Their Time & Work
    I was following about 75% of these people, now its 100%! Some really good time management ideas here.
  5. Taylor Toussaint added an article SEO and SEM Interview Questions - Part 1