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steven mapes

Freelance Software Developer at Self Employed

London, England

Professional Bio

Skills Summary
1. PHP (4/5) - since 2001/2002
2. MySQL (3,4,5) - since 2001/2002
3. MSSQL (6.5,7,2000) - since 1999 - 2007
4. Windows Server (NT,2K) - 1999 - 2007, 2011
5. Windows desktop support (95/98/ME/2K/XP) - since 1996
6. Exchange 95 - 1999 - 2006
7. Javascript - since 2000
9. HTML - since 1999

1. CCNA (2000)
2. MCSE (Win2k) - 2002
3. MCDBA (MSSQL 2k) - 2002
4. CMDEV (MySQL)- 2006

Where I Write - (being re-developed)
Transformers At The Moon -

Favorite Blogs

SEOMoz, SearchEngineLand,, MobileMartketingMagazine, LinkedIn News, The Register, Google Bookmarks (as there are too many to list right now)


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    Great share!
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    Another great article from SEO By The Sea
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