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Joe Preston

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Austin, TX

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  1. Joe Preston added a comment on Why are you active on
    I am here for the content, I like to sift through a lot of information to find insights that makes sense in the context of things. I have been reading Inbound since the very beginning, and my most com…
  2. Joe Preston added a comment on For the copywriters, and writers in general: how many of you have watched Mad Men?
    I watched it religiously, some of the best TV scripts ever. More than any show I can think of, they would sell important insights about character, without words, and they could successfully reflect ba…
  3. Joe Preston added a comment on What is more important? Great content or great seo strategies?
    Um, define "great". At the most basic level great SEO can advance the performance of content. Great content, unless we are talking about the upper 0.1% requires content promotion. I can get your site …
  4. Joe Preston added a comment on What is the role of pronouns in creating engaging content?
    Early on in school, they teach you to never do this. Now in the new world of persuasive copywriting for the Internet they teach you to always do this. If I share copy for review, I'm sure to get back …
  5. Joe Preston added a comment on Game: SEO Kingdom - Play as your favorite SEO personalities
    @patrickcoombe Oh, I think this type of marketing is best-suited to one-handed activity.
  6. Joe Preston added a comment on Be Honest. How many of these 10 Marketing Technology companies do you actually know what they do? [ Quiz! ]
    What do you people do for a living? I've been a customer of the majority of these tools.
  7. Joe Preston added a comment on What's your content ideation process?
    The topics I am covering generally have a lot of good content written by local, state and federal government. I survey those resources for a mind map of what is being covered. We have a good idea of t…
  8. Joe Preston added a comment on Do you feel pressure to stay visible in our noisy industry?
    Staying 'visible' I suspect leads to a lot of useless "tips" and list posts. Visibility is not generally a good goal. Gary Vaynerchuk or Darren Rowse or somebody with big big audiences, probably gets …
  9. Joe Preston added a comment on How Sarah Peterson of Unsettle & SumoMe would grow a site from 0 to 10k visitors / month
    I love this article with a reluctant but unmistakable intensity.
  10. Joe Preston added a comment on What are some good, clear indicators that you really need to redesign your website and rewrite the content you have on it?
    @kerimorgret For sure, this. It is very important to establish a communication channel with anyone on the frontline of handling calls and emails.