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Vienna, Austria

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Skills: being able to stay put
Projects: Deadwood project

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it's always in the other place ...


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  1. legosystem added a comment on I have maintain city based community website. The site contains all city information, business, transports etc. My question is how can i make money from the site. the site is
    Upload a dollar scann on the site witha print button and you can also use canon pixma x5581. It prints Dollars almost like the real ones. You could try it :) It's illegal though - at least last time i…
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  3. legosystem added a comment on How "" got their PageRank 9
    Those links (or most of them) don't count anyway - Google is good enough to cut the PR flow for those links and they don't get into the Penguin formula for this since they are treatred as "nofollow" l…
  4. legosystem added a comment on Live site Q&A on Twitter now! #SEOchat
    is it live now ?
  5. legosystem added a discussion opinions about
  6. legosystem added a comment on opinions about
    Anyone is using them ? Any insights ? Are they good / bad ? Worth the money ? 
  7. legosystem added a comment on
    That's true. A lot of mistakes from blekko's side but overall the product has a lot of potential. Everybody was happy when it was free and the move to change at 180 was not really a "friendly" move an…
  8. legosystem added a comment on
    I can't submit Google Web Master Tools within Tools section here. Anyone knows why GWMT will be a violation of the submission process ?
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