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Justin Owings

SEO Sleuth at FUEL Web Media

Milwaukee, WI

Professional Bio

Justin is an Internet marketing specialist from Milwaukee, WI; he enjoys tracking how the optimization of websites affects search results and implementing a strategic plan for your practice’s online success.

Justin incorporates his love for search engines and his lifelong affinity for organic fruits and vegetables into what he does professionally. As an explanation for non-SEO-geeks, organic search results are the listings that come up on Google or other search engines when you search for a specific keyword or phrase (e.g. “couples therapy Milwaukee, WI”).

This is how Justin helps therapist practices get found—by optimizing their web pages for certain specific keywords that help transform the site into an organic search result for those keywords.

Its awesome for Justin to be able to say he lives and eats healthfully, but he also works that way! Justin is also known to be an innovative thinker, community activist, and a Leader of The New School.


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