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Jeff Sauer

Founder at Knowledge Land

San Francisco, CA, United States

Professional Bio

Google Analytics Consultant and Certified Partner, WordPress Developer since 2005. Developed a thriving SEO, PPC and analytics practice for my company. 

Where I Write

I write a Digital Marketing Blog called Jeffalytics, a personal travel blog, my company blog, as well as guest posts for Google Analytics, SEOMoz and Aimclear. 


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  2. Jeff Sauer added a comment on "I'll bet my beard that today's Facebook changes will have a bigger long-term impact than Google's #Mobilegeddon." - Rand Fishkin
    @NikkiElizDemere I agree with his sentiment. Not for a deep understanding of Facebook, but rather just how overrated mobile search traffic is for most businesses. How many businesses actually get conv…
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    The Pitch: Learning Google AdWords is EASY when you have a proper guide The Explanation: You want to become Google AdWords certified, but you don't have time or money for physical classes. You wa…
  4. Jeff Sauer added a comment on Ask Inbound: Is there any advantage to Import your story on
    I don't see anything wrong with it, but I haven't done a pure study to prove one way or the other.
  5. Jeff Sauer added a comment on How 20 popular websites looked when they launched
    That Amazon homepage is inaccurate. It was much more primitive and ugly. The rest are not surprising, given the tools available at the time. It was all Gif images and tables back then. About all you c…
  6. Jeff Sauer added a comment on Transparent Pricing: What Your Money Goes Toward With Buffer
    Enjoyed this article. It's good to see that they are working to make the company profitable. I wonder how much they will increase that profit percentage as the business matures. 
  7. Jeff Sauer added a comment on What do you feel the value of is for inbound marketing (if any)? was a really useful resource for me for the first month it was out. People would favorite the tweets mentioning them. They would retweet. They would follow the account. Now, it's just an anno…
  8. Jeff Sauer added a comment on Ask Inbound: If you could start your website over, what would you change?
    I wouldn't have put my name in the domain. Too personal, too limiting to start a business with your first name in the URL. Too big of an ego too ;).
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    I think that this type of outing of terribly written outreach emails is absolutely necessary. As a recipient of these types of emails many times a week, each outing of a big company reduces the potent…