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Eric Kidd

Gainesville, FL

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I'm a web designer and developer. I love HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. I'm passionate about responsive web design and intrigued by HTML5 web apps. Check out my website for examples of my work, or dribbble for shots ( and CodePen for demos (

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  1. Eric Kidd added a comment on Art, Copy & Code
    The auto sticky-scroll on that page is really annoying...
  2. Eric Kidd added a comment on Is it ok to link bait with topics like 9/11?
    I wonder if there were any Pearl Harbor related ads going around on December 7th, 1953?
  3. Eric Kidd added a comment on F*ck You.
    As a continuation of this debate, Brad wrote a follow-up: On Progressive Enhancement: (also shared somewhere on Inbound).
  4. Eric Kidd added an article On Progressive Enhancement
  5. Eric Kidd added a comment on F*ck You.
    It's also a matter of perspective: what works for users with BlackBerrys (99% of the time - there's always weird standards non-compliance issues cross browser/device) will work for users of iPhones. I…
  6. Eric Kidd added a comment on F*ck You.
    Brad's message goes deeper than UX, in my opinion. The web was built as an open platform, and accessibility is a large part of that. Any company that makes money by providing their users with the best…
  7. Eric Kidd added a slideshare Death To Bullshit: Now With 80% More Bullshit!
  8. Eric Kidd added a comment on Awesome new homepage from KitKat
    Looks good, but took over a minute to load on 3G.
  9. Eric Kidd added a comment on The Web Developer's SEO Cheat Sheet 2.0
    A good list, but there's a few things I would add, including: - Viewport Meta tag best-practices - Rich-data markup 
  10. Eric Kidd added a comment on Why does Inbound delete articles without warning/notification/explanation?
    Suggestion on interoffice up-voting: If you are collecting a user's company information, why not run a diff check between the upvoter's company and the poster's company before allowing an upvote? This…