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Brent Nau

Internet Marketing Manager at Thrive Internet Marketing

Orlando, Florida, United States

Professional Bio

Brent Nau is an Internet Marketer who specializes in search engine optimization, paid search, social media and content marketing. He has developed and managed online marketing programs for a broad range of B2C and B2B industries.

Brent is currently involved with the product marketing of Thrive's latest premium WordPress plugin, SkyStats. SkyStats is an all-in-one business dashboard for WordPress. The SkyStats plugin allows you to customize the WordPress dashboard by seamlessly integrating such business data as web analytics, social media, email, paid search, video, and other marketing channels into a single view.

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Where I Write

Infographix Directory - A curated list of infographics and data visualizations from around the web.

Brent Nau - My personal blog

Business2Community - A collection of guest posts that I wrote. - I have contributed a few blog posts to this SEO consultant web site. 

Advanced Medical Personnel Services Blog - Some of my blog posts on the travel therapy industry that I published on my former employer's site.


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