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Alistair Lattimore

Senior SEO Manager at Expedia Inc.

Gold Coast, Australia

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  1. Alistair Lattimore added a comment on Local SEO: How to Deal with Multiple (30+) Locations
    G'day Tommy, I used to manage a hotel chain with over 100 hotels in three countries. For the longest time, I had the local hotels phone number assigned to each business listing. Fast forward a few ye…
  2. Alistair Lattimore added a comment on Ask Inbound: What 10x content do you wish someone would create?
    @randfish The best thing about a guide like this, it has global appeal. Different pasta brands exist in every country, so I could totally see for to house all of the pastas sold w…
  3. Alistair Lattimore added a comment on Don't Let Indexing Issues Kill Your Ecommerce Site
    Another often overlooked but very simple solution to this problem @kerimorgret (Keri Morgret) is to just ask questions: what domain names do you own?can you provide me your DNS configuration?can you p…
  4. Alistair Lattimore added a comment on [Case Study] Secret About Meta Description That Can Triple Your Click-Through Rate
    Where is the research that supports the tripling of click through rate in the blog post title? I was expecting to see charts from Google Search Console showing a series of URLs with their organic CTR …
  5. Alistair Lattimore added a comment on Ask Inbound: How do you outsource quality content creation?
    @tommangan They wouldn't, period.
  6. Alistair Lattimore added a comment on One of the best product pages I've seen: Hide & Seek Wallet by Bellroy
    A couple small but slick items: automatically detected location and set currencywallet size automatically suggested the LO size as best for AUDvideo uses multiple currencies, not just USD (for example…
  7. Alistair Lattimore added a comment on Google Mobile SEO Update: Does how you mobile optimize matter?
    I agree with @anand_sriniv, how you deliver mobile friendliness isn't the issue - the issue is that it is mobile friendly. Note that in addition to passing the mobile friendly test, you should also ma…
  8. Alistair Lattimore added a comment on Ask Inbound: Will You Blog On
    I don't think I'd write on Inbound unless there was some benefit, mostly because I barely find time to write on my own site. The benefit doesn't need to be followed links from the article though,…
  9. Alistair Lattimore added an article 72 Amazing Interactive, Data & Visual Journalism Pieces By ABC News Australia
  10. Alistair Lattimore added a comment on What do you think of the homepage design? (Add your annotations here)
    One aspect of the site design that I really, really dislike - the scrollable left navigation. A few of the computers I use, the vertical screen resolution isn't tall enough to get the left navigation …