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Tyler Houle

Marketing & Event Consultant at Houle Marketing

New York

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  1. Tyler Houle added a comment on 5 Tools to Curate Content like a Pro
    Had not hear of before. Excited to try it out now though. Thanks for the tip!
  2. Tyler Houle added a comment on Tons of traffic from
    Hmm... had no idea that you could do that! Still not getting anything though. Getting the same site as before that's telling me I need to enable cookies (which they are) and download Flash (which it i…
  3. Tyler Houle added a discussion Tons of traffic from
  4. Tyler Houle added a comment on Tons of traffic from
    Hey all, hope someone can help me. Google Analytics shows a ton of traffic (4-5x my previous high) the other day from a referral called The URL path it's showing me is "/1market.php" however t…
  5. Tyler Houle added a comment on Is Growth Hacking Marketing?
    Yes. Most definitely. As a marketer, I wished I was more code-savvy; which is why I signed up to learn how to code at (disclosure: my account is free). Still a long way to go, but I'…
  6. Tyler Houle added a comment on How Would You Market Soylent? (Replaces *ALL* your food)
    Unless I'm mistaken, the drink isn't actually soy-based, so first thing I would do is rebrand away from "Soylent". Would also suggest figuring out how to make it a little more visually appealing. I ag…
  7. Tyler Houle added a comment on What Is Your Number 1 Problem Right Now?
    @Matt @ High on SEO: Obviously this is easier said than done, and I have no knowledge of your business aside from the text above, but my 3 key pieces of advice... 1. I would figure out what you need t…
  8. Tyler Houle added a comment on Yo Website So Ugly…
    Yo website so ugly, even my mother's cousin's brother's neighbor's grandson's roommate's older sister who dabbled in design once wouldn't have designed it.
  9. Tyler Houle added a comment on Why so little participation in Incoming? (And what can we do about that?)
    Another thing I've noticed, Inbound is slowly just becoming another place for marketers to push their own pages. Some sort of limit to the # of self-promotional pages one puts up may cut down on all t…
  10. Tyler Houle added a comment on 50 Things Every Content Marketer Should Know
    I love #4 on this list - How to write concisely. It's a bit ironic that it's included in a list of 50, but I suppose each individual point is concise. I also like #8 and have found that knowing the ba…