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  1. Ryan added a comment on Gary Vaynerchuk: Snapchat Is My Most Valuable Marketing Tool
    Marketing to tweens and teens...ugh no thanks. 
  2. Ryan added a comment on Matt Cutts Says You Can Use the Disavow Tool Anytime You Need
    You need to clean up your mess before using the disavow was supposed to be a last resort. Matt is such a c#!t.
  3. Ryan added a comment on Howdy Spammers!!!
    Awesome, this is going straight to the top!
  4. Ryan added a comment on Identifying and Recovering From Google Penalties: Interview With Brian
    I hate to be negative but seriously....old topic, bringing nothing new to the table. This is just pr to get a link from SEJ I imagine.  Content marketing is supposed to be exciting, clever and mo…
  5. Ryan added a comment on Penguin 2.0 rolled out today
    A quick glance at say "payday loans online" shows 3 week old link spam and 4-5 page content sites dominating....ok?
  6. Ryan added a comment on Advanced In Depth Step by Step Tiered Link Building Video Tutorial
    This should not be on the front page. This is terrible link building advice and nothing but spam that will get you burned. This is not Warrior Forum folks. 
  7. Ryan added a comment on Interflora Gets Its Google Rankings Back, 11 Days After Penalty
    All the SEO idiots and news sites linked them up with a butt-load of natural links. 
  8. Ryan added a comment on Why Content Marketing is the New SEO
    Definitely a confusing title...not sure why everyone all of a sudden think content marketing is a new thing either. Hipster SEO here I am :)
  9. Ryan added an article Social Contest Marketing for Buzz and Links
  10. Ryan added an article How Obama Raised $60 Million by Running a Simple Experiment