Marc Hummel

Content Marketing Associate at Monetate

Philadelphia, PA, United States

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Marc Hummel is Content Marketing Associate for Monetate. He's also a part-time grad student at the University of Pennsylvania. He enjoys biking to work, reading, listening to podcasts, and eating ice cream. Usually not all at once.

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    Here's how I got my job as a content marketing associate/writer: 1. Graduated with degree in English 2. Two internships 3. First job certainly wasn't a dream job—but they were hiring. Interview proces…
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    1. Marc Hummel 2. Content marketing for Monetate 3. Writing / researching / design (the feedback/vision part, not so much the actual doing it part)
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    Our biggest struggle right now is trying to get the org @ large to focus on quality vs. quantity, and making the most out of what we already have. Chasing the shiny and new is impossible to resist for…
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