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I freelance, consult, and work with agencies through my own shop:

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  1. Brian Swanick added a comment on How are you using creativity in seo/sem/ppc?
    @flexleads Yea, never had much luck with testing ad copy ins search ads. DKI has always worked when character limits aren't a concern. It's also tough on smaller accounts to see statistical significan…
  2. Brian Swanick added a comment on Ask Inbound: Is there a way to reduce dark traffic?
    There are a lot of little things you can do to minimize it, but you don't have control over much of it. If you have an email list, make sure those links are tagged correctly with UTM's. Otherwise, you…
  3. Brian Swanick added a comment on 50+ Ways to Increase the Domain Authority of Your Site [Infographic]
    This is how I feel reading this infographic: This is also the visual version of the same post from November. I get re-purposing content but I don't thin…
  4. Brian Swanick added a comment on Shocking truth about Adwords vs Organic
    Partly because advertising still denotes that the consumer is being duped--makes us feel dumb.  I always think of the Mad Men [early season, not much of a spoiler] scene where Betty buys Heineken…
  5. Brian Swanick added a comment on How to Reduce Your Cost Per Conversion by 16 - 80%
    Definitely didn't address it but I think that scaling PPC might best be saved for a specific article. For me, the real value in the article was the visual data of QS's impact on CPC. Pretty cool stuff…
  6. Brian Swanick added a comment on "How will they make money?" is the wrong question
    There are a lot of great points in this article from someone with a much more impressive resume than mine, but I can't help but break it down as simply as possible: you have to make money to stay in b…
  7. Brian Swanick added a comment on Employees leave managers, not companies
    I've been in a similar situation and, in one of the weird ways where you feel bad for saying it, everyone should experience something like it. The perspective you gain from knowing how NOT to act is w…
  8. Brian Swanick added a comment on Mobile App: Yay or Nay?
    I will agree with this sentiment Dharmesh. functions well on mobile for me, so the addition of an app is just a luxury upgrade compared to some of the other options. There are some clear b…
  9. Brian Swanick added a comment on Is It Time for Content Marketers to Abandon Facebook? | Copyblogger
    Excellent points Mark, let's break this down. With your first point (This is such a great point) we're coming across a derivative of the sunk cost fallacy where companies will throw up their arms and …