Community Guidelines

Welcome to! We are a community of marketers, here to share and discuss information about online and inbound marketing. Here are a few guidelines that will help be a source of quality information and a welcoming community.

Content Submission Guidelines

  • Questions: Ask a specific question related to inbound marketing.
  • Discussions: Start a discussion about an aspect of inbound marketing.
  • Articles: Share existing content about inbound marketing on another site, via a link.

Content must be original content

  • Articles must link to the original source, not a republished or syndicated copy.
  • Spun content is not allowed.
  • Please post a brief summary or introduction to the content. Don't share a significant portion of a post in the description area, or share the content of an article as a discussion post.
  • Additional submissions of existing content will be removed.

General Quality Guidelines

  • Quality content that is accurate, current, and offers readers something new.

We are not looking for the following:

  • Basic information found in existing documentation (such as how to install WordPress).
  • Basic lists of items (such as themes or plugins) without additional insight from the author.
  • Outdated or inaccurate information.
  • English content only. Spanish content can be shared in the group at Inbound Marketing en español.
  • Content from a variety of sources, not just one domain, one company, or one author. is for conversations, not just another place to leave a link after publishing. Please share no more than 50% of your own/your company's content.
  • A specific piece of actionable content, available in full at that URL.

The following are not acceptable:

  • Sales pitches
  • Lead generation
  • Home or category pages
  • Event announcements or signups:
    • — An announcement of a webinar isn't OK
    • — Posting a link to a recording of the webinar after it happened is OK
  • Giveaways
  • Press releases
  • Gated Content:
    • — Content submitted should not require an email address, tweet, or other form of signup to be viewed
  • URL shorteners
  • URL tracking parameters
  • Affiliate links
  • Content related to inbound and online marketing. We’re not looking for posts that are strictly technology, programming, human resources, or productivity related (for example).

NOT OK: A new smartphone drains batteries too quickly.

OK: A new smartphone can detect if you're cold, and then offers advertisers the chance to provide you a discount on a coat purchase when you walk by their stores.

NOT OK: How to install a specific CMS.

OK: How to perform a/b tests for conversion optimization with a specific CMS.

Behavior Guidelines

  • Be transparent in comments and submissions.

DO: Mention if you have a relationship with a product or person. "I'm the founder of Product ABC, and I think it could solve your problem. Let me know if you have any questions."

DON'T: Pretend you're a random person if you do have an affiliation.
"Product ABC does what you're looking for".

  • Use links only when relevant. Unrelated links in comments or submissions may be removed.
  • No voting rings. Please don't have everyone in your company vote for every post you submit, or ask for votes in other channels. If the content is great, people will find it and upvote it. If the votes are suspicious, moderators can adjust upvotes and remove the content from the trending page.
  • is for discussing marketing. This is not a place to attack or shame people or companies.
  • One account per person, and do not impersonate another person or company.
  • If your first action on the site is spammy, we will be quick to ban you. Otherwise, we will give you warnings and ask that you not continue your behavior.
  • Profiles should be professional and not spammy.