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A professional timeline built for marketers Profile Page

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Your profile (should) say a lot about you. Fellow marketer, save yourself the trouble of updating stale profiles and consolidate into one. Your Personal Profile is where you shine. You can share who you are, what you've worked on, where you’ve been, and anything else that you, as a marketer, want others to know on a site that lives and breaths marketing. People are here to talk marketing and that sounds like a place worth keeping up appearances in. Profile Badges

Collect Data-Backed Badges

Free-form bio sections are great and lend themselves nicely to the creative types but what about the facts? Too many marketers hide behind fancy buzzwords, fluffy numbers, and the like. Prove your worth by securely connecting your profiles, like Google Analytics, to show data-backed numbers as proof of your accomplishments. Badges are our way of bringing some light to the shady backstories plaguing marketing bios.

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