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Where are my ladies at? How do we get you contribute more?

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Over the weekend I noticed that there are only 4 women in the list of top 100 users here on Inbound. I believe there is a combination of reasons for this, from the site's design, to simply not feeling comfortable posting.

But I wanted to reach out to all the marketing ladies, and

  1. Invite you to participate more, that includes upvotes, marking as spam, and commenting, in addition to sharing the great posts you read.
  2. Find out why you don't currently use the site. What changes can be made to get you to come back more often?
  3. Help spread the word of Inbound.org - I find the site to be extremely helpful in keeping me up-to-date on what's going on in the industry.

As someone who needs to know what the community cares about it, I love it. Now, let's get this conversation started. :)

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