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This is insane. Period Matt Cutts on why Doc Sheldon's penalty was valid

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Matt: "https://web.archive.org/web/20140209105449/http://docsheldon.com/practices-hispanic-social-networking/ & is a guest post on http://docsheldon.com that passes PageRank on keyword-rich anchor text. Not sure"

Doc: "showing that at the time of my penalty, that guest post (not from MBG, btw) was followed. "

Matt: "@DocSheldon what "Best Practices For Hispanic Social Networking" has to do with an SEO copywriting blog? Manual webspam notice was on point. "

Doc: "@mattcutts My blog is about SEO, marketing, social media, web dev.... I'd say it has everything to do - or I wouldn't have run it "

Doc: "@mattcutts So we can take this to mean that just that one link was the justification for a sitewide penalty? THAT sure sends a message! ;) "

Me: WTF. One followed link on a Social media post (of GOOD QUALITY - read it! Tell me that if you read that wouldn't agree to post it) on you SEO blog can trigger a manual penalty? REALLY? This is the state of blogging that Google and his spam team want to push? So they don't want "unnatural links" on posts, well how about the UNNATURAL link to G+ for authorship! G+ should be penalized for a link scheme! Am I taking crazy pills here?!

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