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Why videos go viral - TED Talk by Kevin Allocca youtube.com

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Source: Why videos go viral - TED Talk by Kevin Allocca

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  • The video was fun and funny, but intellectually devoid of content. It frustrates me so much that YouTube's trend analysis specialist, who probably has hundreds of massively interesting and useful insights garnered over years of data, correlation, regression analysis and other forms of sophisticated data mining refuses to share any of them. Just reminds me again of how much I hate Google's culture of opacity, and renews my commitment to and belief in the value of transparency.
  • To be fair, it looks like he was presenting to a bunch of high school (or maybe even middle school) students which, if true, would put the content at exactly the right level, in my view. You're right that the YouTube team probably *should* share deeper insights (after all, the video description says he has "deep thoughts"), but I'm not sure this was the forum for it.
  • Agreed on the audience level - and I would be forgiving if he shared even one data-driven insight, but there's really nothing... It's edutainment, which while fun, is almost sadder for a professional at that level to be sharing with high schoolers.
  • Agree with you. It was like he sunk to their level. Instead of using humor and videos they could relate to, to instill some depth and have them rise to his level in a fun way, it was like he was trying to be popular with them. He could use his position, data (and obvious knack for being amusing) to inspire and educate. High School kids are WAY smarter than we give them credit for sometimes, when challenged. Just look at some of the young folks in the SEO community! (Pointblank SEO and Ed Fry to name a few).
  • The only correlation I see is between people or communities with reach and the ability to send average content down the road to viraldom.