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Inbound.org is Launching!

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Hey gang - this is another self-referential thread. I'm excited to announce that today, Inbound.org is launching publicly. We'd love any help getting out the word and bringing great marketers to the site. I'm also starting this thread to help us gather more feedback, bugs, etc. as the site heats up in quantity of submissions, votes and users. Suggestions are welcome, too. As most of you know, we've tried to keep this launch fairly MVP (Minimum Viable Product) focused, so lots of nifty features didn't make it in yet. We do want to keep a careful eye on people "being cool" here, submitting and voting on good stuff and leaving good comments, though, so any suggestions to help with that are particularly appreciated. p.s. Obviously, the launch did not go so well. We think things are fixed with the login problems now, so hopefully the site can be used again.

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