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I am Leo Widrich, co-founder of Buffer, Ask Me Anything

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Hi guys, I'm a huge fan of Inbound and it's quickly become one of my go to places for finding great content. 

I'm excited to answer questions. I'm the Co-Founder of Buffer. Buffer (http://bufferapp.com) is a smarter way to share your Tweets, Facebook updates and LinkedIn posts.

We schedule them automatically for you, give you analytics and lots more. 

At Buffer, I mainly am involved with doing 3 main things:
Doing content marketing, getting Press coverage and PR and doing Business Development (We have a lot of Buffer integrations with other apps). I tend to be most useful with answering questions on any of these 3 areas. 

Super excited to be here, please ask me anything! :) 

I'll be here from 10am PST until 11am PST and again a bit later from 4pm PST to 5pm PST.

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