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This is One of the Best Ads I've Ever Seen : DollarShaveClub.com youtube.com
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Source: This is One of the Best Ads I've Ever Seen : DollarShaveClub.com


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  • This is irreverently delicious. Good example of inserting humor as Sajeet mentioned http://www.seomoz.org/blog/12-things-that-will-kill-your-blog-post-every-time#jtc171538 in Neil's Moz post earlier today. Time and place for brand humor but you don't have to be a stuffy banker to be seen as professional. In many cases, humor ushers interest and allegiance.
  • Very funny. Loved the ad. Unfortunately, the traffic to the site brought down their servers and they've been down all day- which is a shame in this day and age - lack of preparedness or just unlucky - but either way, thousands of potential customers perhaps lost...
  • Just watched it this morning. Then watched it again. Fantastic.
  • Saw this from my LinkedIn daily news email this morning. Seriously creative and an instant classic.
  • I've been all-electric for years, and I still loved this. The whole blade-count-war and marketing, while the product doesn't actually get any better thing is ridiculous. When these guys are done with the shaving world, I hope they sell printer ink. I'm ready to invest.