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Source: It's Not About the Number of Followers!

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  • Standing ovation!  So on point. I am going to watch this with our team on Monday morning.  He is so so so right in everything he says.  Love this guy and his cool looking office.

  • Love this principle, less so that it's slamming British Airways (Disclaimer: I'm a total plane geek with a lot of love for the red, white and blue...), but hey!

    What do you think? Funnily enough at the other end of the scale, I've seen tweets and shares and retweets etc. from "influential" accounts with a high number of followers make a very small dent by contrast.

    What matters? The number of followers, or the number of people who pick up a story and share it, or something else?

  • Love this! I've personally witnessed this happen, where I shared something on a social network where I have a huge following and...crickets. Then some "small" user reshares it, but her share gets noticed by someone with a little bit bigger network and he reshare it and...before you know it it's blown up.

    I'm going to save this video to show to anyone who is thinking in terms of raw follower numbers.

  • well i try to watch but the isp isn't good enough here sure to try over again.

  • Gary's passion is contagius. I watch his videos when I am unmotivated and/or lazy, they are a much needed kick in the ass. Also, I wish I had 6 followers :/ Haha.

  • In this case raw numbers isn't more than just the easiest gauge, it's actually a sign of the size of your base net. I get what he's saying, and in many cases in marketing data where marketers try to hitch a wagon because its tangible, here's an instance where I'd be thrilled with a high follower count. If you have 5 followers, and one is a show runner for a talk show, you may have more with 5,000 followers. I'd work to build my followers and produce the best content. Not either/or. 

    It wasn't lost on me, but I found it a little sensational. The kind of thing that gets lots of shares :)