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How Noah Kagan Built A List Of Over 600,000 Followers youtube.com
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Source: How Noah Kagan Built A List Of Over 600,000 Followers


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  • Some great insights into the successes & failures of Appsumo. Great find :)
  • Interesting to hear a discussion on a startup successfully using & refining their Paid traffic to generate leads for their business. And 600k email subscribers in 2 years... That is impressive!
  • Noah is the most accessible millionaire I've ever met and one of the kindest. Last year he gave me a piece of advice about how to engage with high-level CEOs & entrepreneurs and it worked exactly like he said it would. In a world of fakes, he's real.
  • I have to wonder how many subscribers they REALLY have, and not just email addresses. I've had a product on there, and in two weeks, it didn't even get half as many sales as a normal, single day. I know there are various other factors at play - like my lack of a discount - but I was very surprised so decided to just take it down.