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Tom Roberts

CEO & Head of Digital Marketing at So What Media LTD


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I set up So What? Media with the intention of being a different digital marketing agency. That's not just a tagline - it is a conscious effort to revolutionise the way we do SEO, Social Media, PR and more, all the while ensuring that the online business that we represent can be proud of their work and online identity.

Don't find yourself asking So What? We're different - You should be different too.


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  1. Tom Roberts added a comment on Critique This Landing Page- $5 for first months sock subscription
    Quick resolution check - on a 1440p monitor (2560x1440) I'm getting the top image align to the left, leaving an awkward grey area to the right.
  2. Tom Roberts added a comment on I Am Matthew Woodward, From Corporate Internet Marketing Puppet To Living The Dotcom Lifestyle. Ask Me Anything.
    @MattWoodwardUK Thank you for replying when you could have skipped it. You're obviously a businessman and so will go where the data leads you - not that I am implying that the IM/SEO niche is inh…
  3. Tom Roberts added a comment on Help Us Shape the Future of
    @Martin_HarrisPR Likewise - shared my reasons for leaving the place for about 18 months (The Pit being the main reason I came back), so hopefully it'll be useful.
  4. Tom Roberts added a comment on Wired Magazine Asks People to Turn Their AdBlocking Off
    You'd be amazed how far you can go just by asking.
  5. Tom Roberts added a comment on Updated: The Living (Behind the Scenes) Story of a PR Launch
    Hey.Press is very cool.  I remember something similar to that, although slightly more manual, being mentioned in this post from CustomerDevLabs - finding relevant articles and scraping journo inf…
  6. Tom Roberts added a comment on 12 Hacks to Keep Visitors on Your Pages Longer
    For "hacks" replace "common knowledge" and we've got ourselves a typical article.
  7. Tom Roberts added a comment on Pan Am Games: Link to our website without permission and we'll sue
    Fun's over: Updated to add at 1935 UTC, 1235 PDT on Sunday, July 12 The masterminds have pulled a U-turn: they have updated the website's terms and conditions following the publicatio…
  8. Tom Roberts added a comment on Seriously, fuck this guy.
    Hands up who wants to get "personal branding" tips from someone who stoops this low?
  9. Tom Roberts added an article Seriously, fuck this guy.
  10. Tom Roberts added a comment on HTTPS as a ranking signal
    Google really does hate SEO. They don't even want themselves to rank.