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  1. Rand Fishkin added a comment on Rand needs beta testers for Moz's new Keyword Explorer tool
    @kerimorgret Thanks Keri! @nchimonas Many thanks for starting the thread!
  2. Rand Fishkin added a comment on Welcome Keri Morgret to the Inbound.org Team!
    So thrilled to have you here Keri! I know from experience how amazing a community manager you can be :-)
  3. Rand Fishkin added a comment on How Do You Get Big Clients to Lighten Up On Confidentiality?
    @EMPTeam The other thing that worked is to tell folks that we only worked with companies who were transparent, as per our core values. That helped weed out a lot of those who wanted to do shadier form…
  4. Rand Fishkin added a comment on Elvis Sleeps With Rand Fishkin & Other True Facts
    @EMPTeam I'm honored! Will have to go to sleep tonight listening to the podcast :-)
  5. Rand Fishkin added a comment on Need Your Help / State of Inbound Survey
    That was a frustrating survey :( Moz has no sales team or people, so a lot of the questions made no sense. Others, like things I'd look for in a new job, didn't have an "other" option (where I would h…
  6. Rand Fishkin added a discussion The UI/UX on Inbound.org (& GrowthHackers) vs. Hacker News & Product Hunt
  7. Rand Fishkin added a comment on Confessions of a Google Spammer
    @jgdeutsch Ha! Hilarious. I do abhor real world violence, but enjoy plenty of it in fiction - I read a lot of mysteries :-) Would love to say hi while you're in town for SMX Seattle. If you see me, do…
  8. Rand Fishkin added a comment on Confessions of a Google Spammer
    Jeff - I tremendously enjoyed this read. I have plenty of ex-spammer friends and have never tried to make it a moral argument, just a pragmatic and long vs. short term one. I wrote a post on that here…
  9. Rand Fishkin added an article "Most people don’t schedule their work. They schedule the interruptions that prevent their work from happening"
  10. Rand Fishkin added a comment on An official invitation for SEO experts to join a discussion about latest Google's Annunciation about Moz’s metrics
    This makes no sense to me. Why would Google use a Moz metric? They have far more comprehensive and more sophisticated ones.  And how would they do it? Via API? This seems like odd clickbait to me…