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  1. Rand Fishkin added a comment on Agency Life Comic: Black Hat SEO vs Club Inbound
    I try hard to never be exclusionary to folks in our field, no matter how aggressive they like to be with breaking Google's guidelines (the law and morality are different stories, but regardless). http…
  2. Rand Fishkin added a comment on 101+ SEO Experts Reveal Their Favorite SEO Browser Plugins/Extensions
    Something's odd about the first entry. It says "Rand Fishkin/Ruth Burr" and there's a picture of me, but I can't find any record of ever having contributed to this piece, and I'm pretty sure the autho…
  3. Rand Fishkin added a comment on Did you enable HTTPS? Have you seen a DROP in Organic Traffic?
    I covered Moz's move to HTTPS and our subsequent traffic lose here: You can see many folks chimed in (both on G+ and on Twitter) noting that …
  4. Rand Fishkin added a comment on Should startups and other businesses post their content on Medium?
    I just sent this response to some startup folks who asked me about using Medium: I strongly recommend against using any 3rd party platform to drive traffic to (rather than drive traffic from) as part …
  5. Rand Fishkin added a comment on Rand needs beta testers for Moz's new Keyword Explorer tool
    @kerimorgret Thanks Keri! @nchimonas Many thanks for starting the thread!
  6. Rand Fishkin added a comment on Welcome Keri Morgret to the Team!
    So thrilled to have you here Keri! I know from experience how amazing a community manager you can be :-)
  7. Rand Fishkin added a comment on How Do You Get Big Clients to Lighten Up On Confidentiality?
    @EMPTeam The other thing that worked is to tell folks that we only worked with companies who were transparent, as per our core values. That helped weed out a lot of those who wanted to do shadier form…
  8. Rand Fishkin added a comment on Elvis Sleeps With Rand Fishkin & Other True Facts
    @EMPTeam I'm honored! Will have to go to sleep tonight listening to the podcast :-)
  9. Rand Fishkin added a comment on Need Your Help / State of Inbound Survey
    That was a frustrating survey :( Moz has no sales team or people, so a lot of the questions made no sense. Others, like things I'd look for in a new job, didn't have an "other" option (where I would h…
  10. Rand Fishkin added a discussion The UI/UX on (& GrowthHackers) vs. Hacker News & Product Hunt