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  1. Peep Laja added a comment on What was it like the last time you wanted to increase your conversion rate? What was the hardest part of it?
    To increase your conversion rates, you need to realize that you don't have generic problems, you have specific problems. So the part of the funnel other people worked on is useless information.  …
  2. Peep Laja added a comment on Double Your Conversion Rate in 23 days
    We've gathered many of the top conversion experts to pass on their know-how. Every single lesson will give you specific actionable steps to take: implement all them, and watch your conversion rate go …
  3. Peep Laja added a comment on How To Do A/B Testing Right And Avoid The Most Common Mistakes Marketers Make
    "And while I typically like to base my split tests on at least 1,000 visits, Devesh uses a more flexible rule of thumb that calls for accumulating at least 100-400 conversion events per variation." 2 …
  4. Peep Laja added a comment on Hope for all the weirdos
    In a world where everyone copies everyone and every website looks the same, weirdness is a great quality to have.
  5. Peep Laja added a comment on 6 Steps to Running a Profitable A/B Testing Agency - Conversion Optimization Blog
    The way you can win as any type of agency is this. Imagine you have a 2x2 matrix. On one axis you have "relationship with the client" and on the other axis you have "results".  If you have the re…
  6. Peep Laja added an article Why did Buffer’s social referral traffic vanish?
  7. Peep Laja added a comment on Master the Essentials of Conversion Optimization by ConversionXL
    Conversion optimization is not a list of tactics. It's not copying your competitors or market leaders. It's not best practices. It's a teachable, repeatable process.  True conversion optimization…
  8. Peep Laja added a comment on Ignorant No More: Crash Course on A/B Testing Statistics
    Every week there's a CRO article or three on Inbound that shows how clueless the author is about statistics (e.g. "run tests until you have at least 100 conversions per variation" type of BS). Many do…
  9. Peep Laja added a comment on Measure SERP Bounce Time With GTM
    @marygreenim Nifty stuff right
  10. Peep Laja added an article Measure SERP Bounce Time With GTM