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blog, social media and search specialist at onreact.com in Berlin, Germany (Karma: 10,617)

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I help people with blogs, social media and search, both in German and English.

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  1. Tad Chef added a comment on Find Someone's Email Address - 65 Tools for Finding Emails
    Remember that people either publish their mail address on their blog/site or they don't for a reason. Thus when you approach them out of blue using a mail address that was meant for family and friends…
  2. Tad Chef added a comment on Pitch Imperfect: In which I Waste Everyone’s Time Answering Spam Emails. AGAIN. | The Everywhereist
    Hilarious but also sad to hear how much low quality outreach is going on.
  3. Tad Chef added a comment on Content Seeding - Find Influencers To Promote Your Content
    Doesn't work for me. I get this message "looks like we're having trouble talking to the server, please try again" after uploading a .txt file.
  4. Tad Chef added a comment on Google restricting unauthorised access to Autocomplete API
    @scottcowley Yeah, don't depend on Google in general.
  5. Tad Chef added a comment on Google wants to index your real-world experiences and make them searchable
    Scary s**t!
  6. Tad Chef added a comment on How I Grew from Zero to One Subscriber in 365 Days
    I feel your pain. I struggled with keeping my blog active among all the client work, ebook writing etc. as well.
  7. Tad Chef added a comment on Introduction: Where do you blog and what do you blog about?
    I'm Mad Tad, the SEO destroyer ;-) I blog over at seo2.us for 8 years and numerous blogs that pay me for writing. Thank you for inviting me.
  8. Tad Chef added a comment on Blogging Toolbox: 120+ Resources for Bloggers
    Please not that this list is from 2007 and thus already pretty dated.
  9. Tad Chef added a comment on Wired Magazine Asks People to Turn Their AdBlocking Off
    Forbes does that too and I even added an exception for them but then they threw nasty retartgeting ads at me and stalk me ever since. I consider blocking their ads again. I hope Wired does not use som…
  10. Tad Chef added a comment on Google's handling of new top level domains
    So I won't get an extra boost for being an seo.guru?