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Steve Floyd

CEO / Founder at AXZM

Dallas, TX

Professional Bio

As the Founder / CEO, Steve Floyd works hard to make sure all of AXZM’s clients are happy with their final product and new business keeps walking through the door. Steve’s knowledge of the world of Open Source software (e.g. WordPress, Drupal and Joomla) combined with his organic Search Engine Marketing experience has positioned AXZM as one of the top digital marketing firms in North Texas.

Where I Write

Steve has done just about every job in the field, from graphic design for print & web, to LAMP development, to SEO and Inbound Marketing to Project Management and Sales / Business Development. Not just as a “Consultant” or “Chief Delegation Officer” either, he can actually design, program as well as perform all facets of inbound marketing and SEO, so he knows first hand what these jobs entail. His experience and understanding of all aspects of production has provided the leadership, training, process and strategy that’s kept AXZM growing every year since it was founded.


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