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Joe Preston

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Austin, TX

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  1. Joe Preston added an article Should search algorithms be moral? A conversation with Google’s in-house philosopher
  2. Joe Preston added a comment on 7 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your PPC Guy: An Easy-To-Use Checklist
    @highonseo What kind of super-human could keep up with crappy PPC blogs AND crappy SEO blogs?
  3. Joe Preston added a comment on Things That Work More Often Than Not In A/B Tests
    @peeplaja I don't think the test data is that useful frankly, unless someone doubts you know how to run tests. +110% conversion rate on one site is flat on another for the same tested conditions. What…
  4. Joe Preston added a comment on Carousel Usage Exploration On Mobile E-Commerce Websites
    Carousels are useful to balance the needs of various stakeholders, right? There's nothing magic about them, someone complains if you aren't promoting their pet category, so you get less complaints if …
  5. Joe Preston added a comment on 6 Time-Saving Hacks for SEOs
    Wait, one of your time-saving hacks is to learn "when to switch off". That's like saying you can save time by not reading articles about saving time. 
  6. Joe Preston added a comment on Growth Hacking is Bullshit - Inside Intercom
    "In Thinking Fast & Slow, psychologist Daniel Kahneman demonstrates that when asked a question you dont know the answer to, your brain quickly substitutes an easier question, and answers the easier q…
  7. Joe Preston added a comment on A Real World Negative SEO Extortion Case Study
    FUN FACT: Matt Cutts's nickname in college? "Rannvijay" Now we know how he's spending his sabattical. Great read!
  8. Joe Preston added a comment on The Biggest Opportunities In Ecommerce Right Now, As Revealed By Retail Experts [Infographic]
    So, the biggest oppurtunities include...everything?
  9. Joe Preston added a comment on Ask Inbound: What's the best robots.txt file you've ever seen?
    Brett Tabke used his robots.txt file as a blog for a while, but that's not a thing anymore.
  10. Joe Preston added a comment on What do I need to do to get a job in SEO?
    I started with Brett Tabke's 26 Steps to 10K a day and did successful SEO for my employer at the time, by writing a plan that applied the concepts in that document to their site at the time. It's prob…