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James Norquay

Consulting Director/ Founder at Prosperity Media

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Professional Bio

- Social Media
- Web Development
- Large Team Management
- Sales to Enterprise Level clients
- Presentations at conferences

- Driving ROI and Tranparancy for clients.

Where I Write

- SEOmoz
- James Norquay SEO Blog
Search engine Land
+ Various other Social, domain, SEO and search websites.
Professional SEO

Favorite Blogs

Inside Facebook
Search Engine Watch
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  1. James Norquay added a comment on 10 SEO Tips You'd Be Surprised You Didn't Know
    Use keyword groups, read SEO blogs, look at social sharing on competition content ect ect.. I guess if you have been doing SEO more than 12 months you will know most of these ones though a good refres…
  2. James Norquay added a comment on Build a Penalty Proof SEO Strategy [Infographic]
    The correct definition is "algorithm" not "penalty" for Panda and Penguin
  3. James Norquay added a comment on 50 Great Ways To Build Quality Backlinks
    @onreact_com agree with Tad in my eyes just be smart, help website owners out and do not spam on blogs and comments can still be good for brand building.
  4. James Norquay added a comment on 50 Great Ways To Build Quality Backlinks
    Many tactics you need to put a risk rating next to. Forum Signatures can be a good way to drive leads and traffic though most of the time you would want these no follow as many are run of site. If you…
  5. James Norquay added a comment on Amazingly Sexist LinkedIn Job Post for Content Writer/SEO Specialist/Receptionist/ Woman
    SEO, Content Marketer, Receptionist, PA seems they are looking for three people in one. Plus the sexist wording not good at all.
  6. James Norquay added a comment on A Competitor Bought 200 1-Star Reviews For Our Facebook Page - Here's Our Story
    This just shows you how bad Facebook support is. We had a brand page taken down because of a small reason due to images uploaded by community memebers. Facebook did nothing to help. 
  7. James Norquay added a comment on Why I Write for the “Boring” Industries
    Tour buses can be fun when I was younger went on a 40 day "Europe Bus tour", plenty of great content. Medical Waste Removal not so fun =) Good article! 
  8. James Norquay added a comment on Announced at State of Search Dallas: Duane Forrester Joins Bruce Clay, Inc. as VP of Organic Search Operations
    Big hire by Bruce Clay, Duane is the type of guy you would love to work at your agency.
  9. James Norquay added a comment on SEO Case Study: 11,065% More Organic Traffic in 6 Months | Robbie Richards
    Solid case study Robbie, Drone space is still quite fresh it is not like some SAAS niches where every competitor is implementing landing page strategy, guides, content and deep keyword research using …
  10. James Norquay added a comment on Case Study: Improving Technical SEO To Increase Website Traffic to Over 1,000,000 Visits/Month
    @nick_eubanks sent email to me (@) yourname that is the email I had on my database.