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  1. Grind Stone added a comment on Why Guest Blogging F***ing Blows - Grindstone SEO
    This article F***ing Blows, what a pile of tripe.
  2. Grind Stone added a comment on Prediction: Anchor Text is Dying...And Will Be Replaced by Co-Citation
    Page authority and domain authority just might have something to do with the given examples as well.
  3. Grind Stone added a comment on Inbound Homepage Gets Overrun by Self Promoted Crap
    I'd like to see the algo take into account more of what happens after it's submitted. Upvotes are easy to game and it clearly happens, but comments (relevant to the subject matter) are the true metric…
  4. Grind Stone added a comment on Rand, I’m The Guy Who Ranked You For Snuggie Dog Bed…
    It was harsh. Just like Rand consistently mislabeling anyone who builds links to improve their SERP position as "blackhats" is unduly harsh. Blackhats are the guys that hacked my server last month and…