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  1. WIlde Mooney added a comment on How to effectively report violations to Google?
    I think this is a really great question and its definitely something that I struggle with on a regular basis. id also like to say that some of the comments here about not worrying about it or ignorin…
  2. WIlde Mooney added a comment on Matt Cutt's Fumbles Tweet - Penguin 2.0 Leaked
    Great work! Best article I have read in ages!
  3. WIlde Mooney added a comment on Let Me Explain Why Miley Cyrus’ VMA Performance Was Our Top Story Th
    What a great read! Feels like something out of "The Newsroom".
  4. WIlde Mooney added a comment on Amazing Cutts Rebuttal about Google +1s and Higher Search Rankings
    Lol! Vintage Cutts, trying to rebut on a technicality. Anyone that thinks Google aren't leveraging Search to make ground in Social, should contact me as I have some handsome pills for sale that I'd …
  5. WIlde Mooney added an article One of the Best Cold Emails I've EVER Received
  6. WIlde Mooney added a comment on SEO Metrics That Matter Now | Free Guide from Raven Tools
    Lol! I couldn't agree less. This is just a spin. Of course we should be looking at a lot metrics. Conversion tracking isn't a new concept.  This is clearly to take attention away from the fact th…
  7. WIlde Mooney added a comment on Biggest Pet Peeve of The SEO Industry
    Spammers who make us look like sleazy snake oil salesman.
  8. WIlde Mooney added a comment on I Am Rand Fishkin, SEOmoz Founder/CEO, Ask Me Anything
    Two trains leave the station at the same time, one heading east and the other west. The eastbound train travels at 65KM per hour. The westbound train travels at 75KM per hour. Which one ranks higher i…
  9. WIlde Mooney added a comment on The SEO Spammers and the Google Dance - Hit Reach
    Absolute Genius!
  10. WIlde Mooney added a comment on 8 Old SEO Practices that Makes You a Dumbass
    You were in a hurry? That's awesome! I'm also in a hurry to get my next post out. It's called "The dangers of Y2K on SEO"