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  1. Scott Krager added an article What I Wish I Knew About Creativity When I Was 20
  2. Scott Krager added a tool SERPs Suggest
  3. Scott Krager added an article Twitter Tips for Beginners: Everything I Wish I Knew When I Started
  4. Scott Krager added a comment on Reddit AMA with Rand Fishkin on /r/BigSEO
    Rand isn't competing as an SEO...but a deep knowledge of SEO kinda helps when you're running a SEO software company. And when your main customers are SEOs....why in the world would you not take an opp…
  5. Scott Krager added a comment on Sorry For The Site Issues (THIS Is Why I Can't Have Nice Things)
    It happens. Just makes you more diligent with backups going foward.But yeah, you should probably revoke your DB privileges : ) I'm sure your time could be spent better elsewhere, though I know how tem…
  6. Scott Krager added a comment on SEO's: Which Data Service Providers Do You Pay For?
    We do branded KW reports at, also accurate (as possible) local zip/city rankings.
  7. Scott Krager added a comment on Why Creating Tools Can be a Better Investment
    I agree with the tools > static content for marketing, you don't have to look further than Hubspot/Moz to see that free tools work. I've built a few that have been good for us as at SERPs as well (…
  8. Scott Krager added a comment on Are You Doing Your SEO Wrong?
    I really hope Neil didn't pay too much to get that developed. It's a mashup of shared count and Google pagespeed API....nothing new here.
  9. Scott Krager added a comment on Is it ok to link bait with topics like 9/11?
    That is not in good taste, nor funny. Their 9/11 issue a few weeks after however was brilliant...I still remember reading it when it came out and being just blown away at how perfect it captured …
  10. Scott Krager added a comment on Page One Rankings for SEO (Comic)
    This is great....another 'hack' ...visit the website a few time after searching for 'SEO' boom #1 ranking! Just make sure personalization is on!