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Hi Inbound!

I'm the founder of Elite Strategies, a nifty SEO company in Delray Beach, FL.  We represent some huge brands nationally and hustle hard 7 days a week.  We have a dozen team members that churn out some really solid work.

I have had the same affiliate marketing campaign alive and profitable for over 3 years.

I also run a gamut of personal drop shipping eCommerce websites.

Follow the money.

Where I Write

I mainly write for our blog, the Elite Strategies Blog but I have recently been branching out to Moz and some others. Also posting on my personal blog a lot lately and even posting here on Inbound as well.

I really believe in owning my own data, and while I do see the benefit of guest blogging the pros of owning my own data outweigh the cons. This carries over into everything I do from blogging, analytics, servers, backups, etc.

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I have no favorite blogs, only favorite posts.


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