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LOL (Love of Links)
elderly parkour
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On the Internet, rarely on paper

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  1. Tad Chef added a comment on Does it Still Make Sense to Write How to Advice Now that Google Scrapes it?
    Thank you for the submission. I'm afraid most people don't care and hope they get some traffic "trickle down" from that scraping.
  2. Tad Chef added a comment on Ask Inbound: Link building via expired domains?
    It depends on the site/domain. Rumor says that Google usually checks historic whois changes so the authority might get lost. To be honest this is a shortcut. It might work but is not a replacement for…
  3. Tad Chef added a comment on Hard Numbers for Google+ Users
    This IMHO reflects the typical online community usage pyramid aka "participation inequality" of 90-9-1 where 90% of accounts are inactive or lurkers, 9% somewhat active and 1% run the show. I bet Inbo…
  4. Tad Chef added a comment on 20 Ways to Write a Call to Action
    It's about time to let go of the nineties and "click here"!
  5. Tad Chef added a comment on We are Conversion Rate Optimization Experts. Ask Us Anything. We'll answer your questions on CRO Day, April 9th.
    Hello! For years I try to sell CRO to my SEO, blogging etc. clients to no avail in most cases. I even sopped explaining it by now, I just try to add it to the overall site audit but even then people w…
  6. Tad Chef added a comment on Does URL Structure even Matter? A Data-Driven Answer
    @seandoggendorf Ouch, then my adblocker is better than yours apparently.
  7. Tad Chef added a comment on Does URL Structure even Matter? A Data-Driven Answer
    Good one. Also finally Neil removed al those obnoxious pop-ups that did hide the content. Thumbs up.
  8. Tad Chef added a comment on I am Sujan Patel, VP of Marketing at When I Work & Co-Author of Growth Hacking eBook 100 Days of Growth, Ask Me Anything
    Hey Sujan! Great to see you here! I have a question on personal branding. You have a very common (Indian) last name and nonetheless I know who you are and that you rock. What are your personal brandin…
  9. Tad Chef added a comment on Beards Beat Clean-Shaven Model In A/B Split Test (No, The Product Sold Is Not Tickets To A Bearded Lady Show)
    I'd say that could be really true or is it an April Fools' joke? My wife at least says that I look better with a beard.
  10. Tad Chef added a comment on I'm Tom Critchlow, ex-Distilled, ex-Google - now running my own business...Ask Me Anything!
    @tomcritchlow OK, I thought that was the first thing you sign there. Google is infamous for not allowing employees to talk about their work. Maybe that changed now or you just forgot and get sued soon…