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George Zlatin

Co-owner at Digital Third Coast in Chicago, IL (Karma: 420)

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  1. George Zlatin added a comment on I'm Wil Reynolds, Founder of SEER Interactive & serial underdog
    Hey Will, are you willing to share what your profit margin looks like at SEER?  I noticed you said that employees "let it rip", do you find that cuts into profit margins? It seems like it must si…
  2. George Zlatin added a comment on Why I chose to specialize in a niche market for my HubSpot partner agency
    Hi Adam, do you find that any of your clients feel there is a conflict of interest if you are using the same repeatable process for all of them in such a niche market? I assume that a bunch of your cl…
  3. George Zlatin added a comment on Hello, this is an extortion email.
    We got the same letter yesterday as well.  Just published a post about it here
  4. George Zlatin added a comment on Content Creation vs Content Promotion Budgets: What's the Perfect Split?
    I can guarantee you that there is no exact formula. We've had pieces that required very little outreach and got a lot of traction and vice versa. A lot depends on the content idea and how well it targ…
  5. George Zlatin added a comment on How to effectively report violations to Google?
    I agree with the "worry about your own business" camp. I've been in the SEO game for about 10 years now. Back in the early days, everybody was doing something grey and there wasn't a way to report ANY…
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  7. George Zlatin added a video Video: Google vs. Bing - Hilarious video asks random folks "When was the last time they've Bing-ed something?"
  8. George Zlatin added a comment on What is SEO? Chicago Responds...
    I thought the funniest part was the girl who's last name is actually "SEO" and she says she gets harassed through linkedin because of it!  
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