James Norquay

Consulting Director/ Founder at Prosperity Media in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (Karma: 3,907)

Professional Bio

- Social Media
- Web Development
- Large Team Management
- Sales to Enterprise Level clients
- Presentations at conferences

- Driving ROI and Tranparancy for clients.

Where I Write

- SEOmoz
- James Norquay SEO Blog
Search engine Land
+ Various other Social, domain, SEO and search websites.
Professional SEO

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    SEO man lol, pretty funny.
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    Good read really enjoyed it, prior to 2012 many people were making big money with SEO using PBNs. Today most of it is all on borrowed time. I see soo many people still running PBN's like crazy and try…
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    A few of our clients have  non-compete clauses in their contracts so we have to stay 100% loyal.  In other cases where we do not have a non-compete, we usually ask the client if they are fi…
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    I would not use Package based SEO, find out what the client needs and build a tailored SEO solution based on the requirements. Ask questions and work out what the clients ACTUALLY need. Nothing is wor…
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    Great story and good advice =)
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    In early April he had a video saying he is on long term leave, he replies on Twitter still Tho.
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