Christy Kunjumon

Strategic SEO and Web Marketing Consultant at TechWyse in Kerala, India (Karma: 6,368)

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Christy shares more than 3 years of experience & knowledge in Internet Marketing arena. Analytics, CRO, SMM & Link Earning are the fields which I always prefer to focus & dig into. Local SEO is a constant uphill battle which should be placed under the limelight and my focus revolves around it. To me, the search is going to become more localized with time and the companies that foresee such a possibility would eventually emerge as the winners. 


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    @michael_hodgdon Haaahahhaahah :D :D 
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    Awesome (Y) but you missed me :(
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    Wow very inspiring stories (Y)
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    @KosioAngelov correct. Need "actionable content"
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    I'm Senior Inbound Marketer at TechWyse Indian office.  Connect with me on Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn | Facebook | SlideShare |   Cheers!
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    Oops, not available in India. I need one. Hope you guys will send one free for me. My size is Large :D 
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    @tomcritchlow wow Thank you (Y)
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    How you collect data and process it? Do you crawl the whole web? If possible please let us know what is the process behind the Buffer.