Brent Nau

Internet Marketing Manager at Thrive Internet Marketing in Orlando, Florida, United States (Karma: 218)

Professional Bio

Brent Nau is an Internet Marketer who specializes in search engine optimization, paid search, social media and content marketing. He has developed and managed online marketing programs for a broad range of B2C and B2B industries.

Where I Write

Infographix Directory - A curated list of infographics and data visualizations from around the web.

Brent Nau - My personal blog

Business2Community - A collection of guest posts that I wrote. - I have contributed a few blog posts to this SEO consultant web site. 

Advanced Medical Personnel Services Blog - Some of my blog posts on the travel therapy industry that I published on my former employer's site.


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  1. Brent Nau added a comment on Show Inbound Friday: Promote your offers and stuff to other marketers (Jan 30th)
    We are just launching a new WordPress plugin called SkyStats, an all-in-one marketing dashboard that will bring in analytics, social media, email, video, and other marketing data into a single view wi…
  2. Brent Nau added a comment on Negative SEO without Backlinks: A Case Study
    Darren Shaw recently presented on this exact topic, "User Behavior and Local Search". He states that from his case studies that Google is using click-through data.
  3. Brent Nau added a comment on Working Remote- What Struggles or Benefits Do You Experience In Your Agency or Business?
    Our agency moved slowly to a remote work, but still have about 1/3 of the employees local to the office that come in two days a week.  Benefits: We are not limited geographi…
  4. Brent Nau added a discussion Bug
  5. Brent Nau added a comment on Ask Inbound: Critique our new community landing page!
    1.) I use Twitter to log in. Would like to see a one-click log in on the home page. 2.) Would agree with Will S. - need to add "marketing" when referencing inbound in the page copy.  3.) Not sure abou…
  6. Brent Nau added an article Hotel Threatens to Charge Guests $500 for Every Negative Review
  7. Brent Nau added a comment on An attempt to curate all the best SEO and Marketing Tools / Resources
    Nice list. Here are a couple of Local SEO tool lists that should be added to your page.
  8. Brent Nau added a comment on Upworthy’s Sponsored Posts Are Crushing Their Regular Editorial. Here’s Why.
    What a blatant disregard for Google Webmaster guidelines with their sponsored posts. How dare they not use NoFollow attribution /S. Good thing Matt Cutts is on sabbatical. 
  9. Brent Nau added an article Google manipulate World Cup search trend stories that spared Brazil from further agony (update: Google responds)
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