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Sam Barnes

Search Marketing Consultant at Silverbean in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK (Karma: 662)

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SEO, SEO and more SEO. On-Site, Off-Site, whatever it happens to be. I'm interested in the whole lot!

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SEOMoz, YouMoz, SearchEngineJournal and Numerous Forums!


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  1. Sam Barnes added a comment on Show Inbound: Let's connect on social media! Share your social media accounts. (February 28, 2015)
    Hi Everyone! Here are my links: Twitter Linkedin G+ Facebook Let me know if you've followed me anywhere and I'll be happy to follow you back!
  2. Sam Barnes added a comment on Looking for feedback: Crazy Egg Heat Map for TechWyse - What would you recommend we do based on these results? Feel free to add any suggestions!
    Probably move the video to above the fold, replacing the graphic that is there at the moment. I love the graphic, but looks like there's a bit of attention on the video. Perhaps have the video fol…
  3. Sam Barnes added an article 3 Ways Agencies Help Ecommerce Pros Make Better Decisions
  4. Sam Barnes added a comment on Feedback: The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Internet Marketing: What would you test on this page? Highlight any elements you think they should test and feel free to add any suggestions for experiments!
    Looks like a clean enough landing page. There's a couple of things I would mention. There's no social sharing buttons that I can see - might be worth adding?There's no human face of Hubspot on the pag…
  5. Sam Barnes added a comment on Inbound Weekly- Feb 14th Member-Written Blog Posts, Events & More
    Thanks for the round up! Some great stuff which I've already read through the week. Hopefully I can shamelessly self post my latest blog post here too? 3 Powerful Twitter Lists You Should Set Up Today…
  6. Sam Barnes added a comment on I'm Paul Shapiro (@fighto). I do SEO(+) and co-run /r/BigSEO. A lot of you know me. AMA.
    Hi Paul I don't really have a question - I just wanted to say keep up the good with with r/BigSEO - It's awesome! Thanks Sam
  7. Sam Barnes added an article Airbnb: Simple idea, simple experience, big adventures...
  8. Sam Barnes added a comment on 20 Must-Have Tools for Clever Marketers
    @ElizavetaNv Thanks for responding at least - I just think with the amount of content out there these days you've got to give me something absolutely mind blowing / inventive to get my email address .…
  9. Sam Barnes added a comment on 20 Must-Have Tools for Clever Marketers
    Nice mini site but I don't feel there's enough value there for me to hand over my email. What's the benefit of downloading your list over the (thousands of) more substantial blog posts out there then …
  10. Sam Barnes added a comment on How important is it for marketers and entrepreneurs to learn how to code?
    It's something I've thought about a lot. I want to learn to code - it's just finding the time! Basic HTML and CSS I can deal with - but Java onwards I get a little confused. I've been working through …