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  1. Nathan Safran added a comment on 9 steps to liking your ex-boss / ex-employee, yes it can happen
    Such a great post.  Setting the tone for a trusting two way relationship goes such a long way when combined with hiring the right people...
  2. Nathan Safran added a comment on Do The Work, or Quit Blogging Please
    Some good points in this piece, and I think it's hard to dispute the argument that the job of the SEO is moving to include some element of content creation.  Given, that for most, the job descrip…
  3. Nathan Safran added a comment on SEO Jobs Salary Guide [Infographic] | Conductor Blog
    Since not every job posting (in any industry) includes a salary, there might be a skew to higher paying jobs not including salaries in their listings. (Just a hypothesis :) 
  4. Nathan Safran added a comment on We Can Do Better Than This - Jonathon Colman
    Great post Jon, some great points.  Others who have been in the industry longer than I have would know better, but surely the thin content thing's genesis was because it was rewarded by the algor…
  5. Nathan Safran added an article The Genius of Louis CK: Failure is Meaningless
  6. Nathan Safran added an article Facebook's Rotten Customer View
  7. Nathan Safran added a comment on Could DuckDuckGo Be The Biggest Long-Term Threat To Google?
    Agreed, from a numbers perspective they won't be sweating it for a while. It's the 'theme'/direction (strategy?) that DDG is taking that they seem to be moving away from that they should be sweating.