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Sam Barnes

Search Marketing Consultant at Silverbean

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

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SEO, SEO and more SEO. On-Site, Off-Site, whatever it happens to be. I'm interested in the whole lot!

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SEOMoz, YouMoz, SearchEngineJournal and Numerous Forums!


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  1. Sam Barnes added a comment on Emoticons: Okay for professional communication or not?
    In the majority of cases yes. I think it's all about finding out who your audience are. If you're sending an email to board level employees of a huge business - don't do it. But for the majority of co…
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    Great post Tom - some really good use of graphics in this one! I think the measurement in particular is going to be absolutely crucial to succeed with Micro Moments. I've no doubt that they're going …
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    Great for traffic - but not going to give you much SEO value. I've built connections with people I've had discussions with though. As a platform for comments, I think Disqus is way ahead of anything…
  5. Sam Barnes added a comment on Ask Inbound: What are the best Firefox/Chrome extensions for online marketers?
    Out of the blue this one for Chrome, but LinkClump has saved me HOURS since I started using it a few months ago. For grabbing bunches of links there's nothing better.
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    When you get sites like - when you're talking Domain Authority 97 according to OSE and Trust Flow 94 in Majestic - I think it's difficult to see any situation where Google won't see Am…
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    Yeah it's down for some reason ...
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